CASA offers training on social justice issues in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

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We share lessons we learn from the resistance movements in Mexico with our home communities. We publish news and analysis in our newsletter, host workshops, short-term solidarity delegations, and speaking events.

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Who are we?


Colectivo de Apoyo, Solidaridad y Acción

Collectives of Support, Solidarity and Action

CASA Chapulin is a solidarity organization comprised of allies organizing with grassroots efforts in Oaxaca, Mexico.  We collaborate with various groups, including indigenous communities, women’s cooperatives, political prisoner advocates, human rights organizations, community radio projects, and popular education centers. 

We recognize that our work is part of a larger movement that challenges existing power hierarchies and neoliberal agendas by organizing on a global scale while also staying rooted in our local struggles between Mexico, the U.S. and beyond.  Our efforts resonate with those striving for another more dignified world using a bottom-up approach. 

A Brief History

We were formed in November 2001 by Colin Bossen and Roxanne Rivas as the Chiapas Peace House Project. After a period of fundraising, we hired a coordinator and began accepting volunteers in Chiapas in August 2003.  Our work in Oaxaca began in 2006, where a group of committed allies organized and mobilized in solidarity with los pueblos of Oaxaca in a time of extreme repression and resistance during the popular APPO movement. 

Our coordinator in Oaxaca is Andrea.

(We are currently not accepting volunteers to the Chiapas collective.)

What do we do?

CASA facilitates movement building efforts with grassroots groups to work in solidarity with social movements in Oaxaca. Our three working areas include: Food sovereignty, community-based media, and arts for justice and autonomy.  


We organize 3-6 week long seasonal programs for youth, students, and community members engaged in their grassroots struggle to connect with communities in Oaxaca and gain first-hand experiences of neoliberalism and its affects in Oaxaca.  We provide participants orientation to the political landscape of Oaxaca and Mexico, privilege and solidarity workshops, and visits with communities in resistance.  


CASA maintains a space in Oaxaca City open for allies and community members to engage in collaborative action and reflection.


In addition, CASA organizes 1-2 week educational delegations for youth, students, and community members to connect with communities in Oaxaca and gain first-hand experiences of neoliberalism and its affects in Oaxaca.

Staying true to our local roots

Our goal is to strategize concrete ways to enact solidarity across geopolitical borders, identities, and generations in an effort to make fundamental and systemic change possible.  We strive to act upon the opportunities and challenges that may arise in our collaborative work.  

We are committed to building a base of allies with long-term commitment and accountability.  We focus on developing skills and critical thinking so volunteers can continue organizing at the local level while also maintaining a more collective and just vision for social change.