CASA offers training on social justice issues in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

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We share lessons we learn from the resistance movements in Mexico with our home communities. We publish news and analysis in our newsletter, host workshops, short-term solidarity delegations, and speaking events.

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Consider donating to support CASA Chapulin's important work. It only takes around $25 to support the operating costs of CASA for a day.  Whatever you can afford helps. We are funded almost entirely by individual donors like you! People who've read our articles, attended a workshop or report back, or have a friend or family member doing solidarity work with CASA or a partner organization in Mexico. 

Donate Online

The easiest way to send money is to donate online via PayPal. This is our preferred payment processor:


If you would like to give a tax deductible donation, please go via our fiscal sponsor's account, and click the image below:

Contributions are directed to us via our 501(c)(3) sponsor, Rights Action, and are fully tax deductible. Just Give takes a 3% processing fee, and sends us checks for the aggregate amount donated monthly, but we will see that you made your donation right away! Our administrative costs are very low and almost all of your contribution will go to running our house in Oaxaca. 

If you prefer to donate by check, make the check out to "Rights Action" and specify "CASA" in the memo line.  Like with online donations, your charitable contribution is fully tax deductible when you itemize your deductions on your tax return. (For donations over $250, you should keep documentation. Rights Action's EIN number is: 52-1315411)

Mail your checks to our PO Box below:

PO Box  43242  
Tucson,  AZ   85733 


CASA has come a long way since our start in late 2001. We have an active and diverse Administrative Team, and numerous Partner Organizations.  However, we continue to face the usual challenges of young organizations.  Even though our budget is relatively small, we are continuously fundraising just to stay afloat. Donations of any size really make a difference here in Mexico.  Where rent can be a fraction of stateside costs, it doesn't take much to help us continue to work with new collective members and work with grassroots efforts in Oaxaca.

Your donation helps to support activists in Mexico and provide scholarships for volunteers and delegations, ensuring that solidarity work is open to those of all income levels.

Where your Money Goes

CASA operates on a shoestring budget of about $300-$500 dollars per month which includes the rent and bills for the collective space, the coordinators’ living stipends, financial aid (with an emphasis on supporting people of color, working class, queer, and comunidades in Latin America), and supplies for collective projects.

Some recent collective projects have included the construction of a composting toilet, urban agriculture workshops and the planting of a rooftop garden, and the publication of Teaching Rebellion, a book of photography and testimonies by Oaxacans caught up in the mass social struggle of 2006. You can view CASA’s annual reports here.

Donate Goods

We are looking for:

  • Technology, such as a laptops, networking gear, printers, digital cameras, video cameras, USB keychain drives, external DVD/CD Burners
  • Books for our library (on Latin America, Mexico, Globalization, Privilege and solidarity issues, etc)

Often, volunteers can help transport donated goods and thus avoid the Mexican postal system. Contact Us if you are considering donating an item.

Donate Your Time

Our stateside collective consists of CASA alumni, ex-staff, former friends of our houses in Mexico, as well as volunteers and current administrative team members.

It takes a lot to run CASA. Like many small organizations, we're often doing outreach, holding events, looking for funding opportunities, arranging delegations, networking, and finding other ways to support and spread our work.

If you'd like to get involved, contact our stateside collective and let us know what interests you.

Article Contribution

Although most of our articles are written by Oaxaquenos and Mexicanos,  we welcome articles from the public relative to social justice issues in Oaxaca and Chiapas, such as news regarding indigenous autonomy or political prisoners. Contact us with your news or story ideas.