CASA offers training on social justice issues in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

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We share lessons we learn from the resistance movements in Mexico with our home communities. We publish news and analysis in our newsletter, host workshops, short-term solidarity delegations, and speaking events.

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Workshop Materials

We currently operate public spaces for workshops, discussion, and learning in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas and Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. We've made some of our workshop materials available below to help you host your own workshop (see PDF attachments at bottom of page). We also facilitate workshops for groups and delegations, in addition to organizing our own delegations. If you're interested in hiring us, Contact Us.

  • Chiapas History This workshop provides a general overview of Chiapas history from precolonial times to the present. Discussion focuses on how the region’s history has contributed to its current social and political climate.
  • Alternative Autonomies This workshop helps participants explore different interpretations of “autonomy” and arrive at their own definition of the term. Each participant researches a Chiapas case study focusing on how autonomy is defined by a community or movement and the mechanisms used to maintain and protect that autonomy.
  • Zapatista Ideology This workshop gives participants an overview of the Zapatista movement, focusing on the movement’s ideological evolution and major events. Also discussed are international politics, women, national politics, and human rights.
  • Armed Struggle This workshop is a discussion of ideology and strategy behind the use of arms for guerilla movements as well as by the U.S. and Mexican governments. Topics include militarization in Chiapas, the U.S. role in relation to militarization in Chiapas, clandestine or illegal militarization strategies in Chiapas, other militarized groups in Mexico, and theories of non-violence. Throughout the discussion, participants are asked to reflect on various groups' justifications for these strategies, and their personal feelings regarding armed struggle and non-violent alternatives.
  • Montes Azules and Politics of Conservation Montes Azules is a Biosphere Reserve located in the southeastern portion of Chiapas that for decades has been the site of continued conflict, refuge, and hope for thousands. Topics discussed include Conservation International and other transnational actors, militarization and conflict, Plan Puebla Panama, Lancandon people and culture, regional biodiversity, bio-prospecting, bio-piracy, land reform and migration.
  • Globalization This workshop is an overview of the forces contributing to globalization and its effects. Topics include history of neoliberalism, government roles, corporate role, effects on Mexico, and global resistance movements.
  • Oaxaca Overview This Oaxaca workshop provides an overarching assessment of the current political situation in Oaxaca including history, demographics, land battles, human rights, environment and immigration. The workshop concludes with a presentation on current organizing and movements in Oaxaca.


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